New London city is an iconic place

New London

New London skyline from Fort Griswold, December 2017

Found in New London County, Connecticut, New London city is an iconic place that sits along the Thames River banks. The city became one of the largest whaling port after its conception in 1784. Being a crucial prehistoric city, New London hosted the colonial ports. Its active treaties with the West Indies transformed the city into an epic commercial center. Concurrently, New London hosts the US Coast Guard Academy.

Visiting the city will facilitate an encounter with:

  • the Ocean Beach Park
  • Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruise
  • Mystic Whaler Cruises
  • Thames River Heritage Park
  • United States Coast Guard Academy Museum
  • Fort Trumbull State Park
  • Mystic Aquarium

Talk a Walk on the Waterfront

30 Nov 2021

New London's 26 block Waterfront District is packed full of history, quirkiness, and cultural treats. The eye-catching 18th and 19th-century buildings include the oldest functioning courthouse in the state, a host of galleries and museums, the beautiful Waterfront Park, and a wealth of places to eat.

Take a Lighthouse Tour

14 Oct 2021

Dotted off the coast of New London is a selection of amazing lighthouses, that give a fascinating insight into the area's history. They range from the reconstructed lighthouse that is now one of ten triple 5-star resorts in the world to the building reportedly haunted by the ghost of an early keeper.

Must-Sees In New London City (Connecticut)

2 Oct 2021

One might think that there aren't many things to see in this small coastal city of Connecticut. You would be surprised, but New London City can satisfy all types of visitors with its versatile offer.

Museums, Art Centers & Historical Sites

New London is full of museums, art centers, historic sites, and monuments. Most of them are related to the Navy and maritime. Also, there are many historic sites that take you through time and show you the US history dating from the US Revolutionary Period to the World Wars.

If you think that exploring history is dull, the people of New London City will undoubtedly change your mind with boat tours. "One boat - Thousand stories" tours, as they call them, offer boat rides during which you would hear many stories of national and historical importance.

Even if you are not for boat tours, there is a lot for you to visit. One of the relevant historical sites is the Avery Copp House Museum which is the capsule of local history. Other important sites are Nathan Lester House Museum and Tool Museum, Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, Hempsted Houses, and Historic Waterfront District.

There are many workshops and centers for culture and art lovers. One of the highest importance is Monte Cristo Cottage (Museum), a summer resort for playwright Eugene O'Neill. For movie lovers, there is Garde Arts Center/ Theater, a remarkably renewed cinema.

One impressive museum of art is Lyman Allyn Art Museum which even contains paintings from Europe and non-Western Art as well as significant art from this area. If you are more interested in modern art, you should visit Hygienic Art, which supports local artists.

Those interested in Navy and maritime history should visit Custom House Maritime Museum, Fort Trumbull that overlooks the Thames River, US Coast guard Museum and Submarine Force Library and Museum.

Don't worry if you are considering visiting New London on your family trip. Almost every sight is kid-friendly. There are, however, parks and playgrounds for kids, even on beaches. Some museums and centers even offer educational workshops for your children.

Beaches & Sport

There are several beaches in New London. All of them are equipped with necessary facilities, such as restrooms, snack bars, playgrounds, boardwalks, and some even storm shelters. However, you will have to buy a beach pass in order to enter. For prices, you should check the websites.

Some of the beaches in New London are:

  • Ocean Beach
  • Ocean Beach Park
  • Pequot Point Beach
  • Green Harbour Beach

Keeping in mind that New London is a coastal city, there are many sports and other activities on the water. There are regular boat cruises, sailings, swimming, and diving centers along the coast. You might not get to see any sportsbook venues around the area, however, you can find some close by online. Click here to read more about online sports betting.

This review can’t present to you all what this wonderful city has to offer. Be an explorer and go on adventures in this lovely place.

Visit the Historic Fort Trumbull State Park

8 Aug 2021

Combining water views, picturesque walks, and fascinating history, a visit to Fort Trumbull State Park is a must for anyone visiting New London County. The fort has played an essential role in protecting America's defenses over the years and is open to the public.